Review: Workplay bags Fleetfoot II running bag

I was really excited when Workplay bags asked me to review their Fleetfoot II women’s running bag. I actually use these bags myself (see earlier post on what I carry with me on a long run here), especially for longer runs where you need more supplies. I am also a sucker for helping out small start up companies so was happy to provide my honest review.

Before I had a go myself, I watched the video on their site as I wanted to make full use of all the features and one thing that really struck me is just how well designed and well thought out this bag is. It looks much smaller than my existing waist band, but there are some really clever pockets and features of this bag that are not obvious to the eye. My absolute running essentials are water, keys, money/card, phone, and iPod.

They have rather brilliantly thought of all of this and have created specific pockets within the bag to accommodate these. For example, there us a padded internal ‘ninja’ pocket, which is specifically designed for keys and coins to minimise jangling whilst running, and there is also a nifty bungy system for you to hook through your jacket.

When you put the bag on and adjust the strap, it sits comfortably into your lower back and I had a go at running and it doesn’t seem to bounce around much at all, which is good as there is nothing more annoying than things banging against you when you’re running. For the Brighton half marathon, I stupidly put my iPhone in my pocket and about 1 minute in it was already irritating the hell out of me! If I were to add anything else, and I am being picky now, perhaps I would add in a couple of pockets on the side for gels, but otherwise I think this bag has been really well conceived and well put together.

I am impressed and I will certainly be buying some other bags from them in the future.

Check out their website and watch the video for yourself for more on this and other bags that they make.

Diva rating: 5/5


This is a review and for full disclosure, we received the bag to try out for free. The views expressed in this review are entirely my own.