Running club

Dashing Divas Running Club – next start January 2014.

£3/session or £25 for 10-week course. Includes Dashing Divas running club T-shirt.

Dashing Divas running club leaflet

What does the 10-week course involve?

The course is based on the couch to 5k training program.

Essentially, you start by jogging and walking at given intervals and over 10 weeks the walking intervals get shorter and shorter so that by week 10 you are able to run a 5k or half an hour without stopping.

We use the C25k app (available on Android and iPhone).

For this training program to work you need to be running 3 times a week – 1 with me and 2 on your own/with friends/in the gym on the treadmill. Tip: treadmills have interval settings so you can easily flick between the walking and jogging pace.

At the end of the course, to prove that we can do it, we will all run the Oxford Park run together!

What does the cost include?

The cost includes the weekly sessions, any advice you need, a pep talk via email if you need it, and a ‘Dashing Divas running club’ t-shirt. There may also be a goody bag and some cool stuff to try out, but that is subject to availability!

Before you come:

  • Make sure you are hydrated
  • Take a pit stop! 🙂
  • At the end of the route, you are welcome to pop in and use my loo if you need to

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Sunglasses/sun hat (depending on the weather)
  • Small water bottle (one that’s easy to grip on to)
  • Please dress appropriately. I tend to under dress rather than overdress – you will soon warm up once we get moving
  • Let me know if you have any health issues/injuries

Where do we need to meet?

  • Meet in Homebase car park in Bicester at 7.30pm every Thursday (unless re-scheduled)
  • We’ll do a warm up (dynamic stretching for 5-10 mins) and then do a 20-min jog/walk at intervals followed by a cool down (5-10 mins) so allow up to an hour (depends how we all get on).

When should I run?

Given that the training session is on the Thursday night, I would recommend you do your 2 training runs on the Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday to allow time to rest between.

How do I join?

If you would like to join, please email me and I will add you to my list: I can also answer any questions you may have.
How can I pay?
You can either pay on the day/per time or use the Paypal button to pay £25 for the full 10-week course.

General running FAQs
I’m new to running, what do I need to get started?


Firstly – don’t rush out and buy lots of fancy kit. All you need when you’re starting out are some basic trainers (not plimsols or fashion trainers), a t-shirt (preferably a wicking fabric, like a football shirt), for the ladies – a good sports bra, some shorts or leggings, any old small water bottle and the desire to get fit!

Once you get into running, by all means do get a gait analysis done (this assesses how you run to ensure that you get the right trainers for you). You can get this done at good independent sports shops.

I tried to run, but I could only do 10 minutes before collapsing from exhaustion!


Don’t run before you can walk – literally! Even the fittest of people will need to build up slowly when they first start to run – running doesn’t come naturally to most people. Don’t expect to instantly be able to run 5 miles, most people have to start out by running for short periods, walking and then running, building up slowly over a period of weeks until you can run 5k, 10k and beyond.

Running is too difficult for me


Running is tough there’s no denying it, but it can also be huge amounts of fun! Running, especially if you join a club, is great for socialising, it can help with depression and anxiety, promote sleep, gives you confidence and is great for weight loss. I maintain that anyone can run if they put their mind to it and they really want to.

I don’t have anyone to run with

Why not search on google for your nearest running club or enquire in the local gym. Often groups at Slimming World and Weight Watchers will have their own running clubs too.

I’m too overweight to run

Running doesn’t have to involve sprinting like Linford Christie or massive amounts endurance like Mo Farah. Everyone can run or walk at their very own pace. Just getting out there is a huge achievement so be proud. Just remember that if someone looks at you when you are running it’s because they are jealous that they aren’t doing it too!

So what’s your excuse? Get Dashing people!!

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