The one where I kicked Wakeboarding’s butt

At the start of the year Rich and I had two spreadsheets – 1 was a list of random sports and activities that we want to try out, including things like archery and getting my climbing qualification, and the other was a list of must-visit destinations. With Portugal, Russia and Edinburgh to be ticketed off the list, we were doing extremely well with the holiday list, but have both failed epically on the random sporting list.


When spogo asked me to come along and try out Wakeboarding at Hove Lagoon I jumped at the chance. Possibly not the best post-marathon recovery admittedly, but who can pass up the opportunity to try something new, especially when World Champion Iwan Thomas was going to be there?!

spogo was created as part of the digital legacy of the Olympic games, to inspire more people to get active more often. spogo enables users to find a range of sports and physical activities in their local area with data collected from 30,000 venues, 55,000 facilities and 25,000 clubs, plus other events and activities (such as the Cancer Research ‘Race for Life’ series). Their goal, which I whole-heartedly agree support, is to raise awareness of fun days out which involve physical activities and sports. Amen!

For those of you who don’t know what Wakeboarding is – it’s a bit like snowboarding only on water. The real beauty of Hove Lagoon is that you are towed along by a pulley system rather than behind a boat so you can go up and down as much as you like with minimal effort.

As we lined up to collect our wetsuits and get changed, everybody was handed their respective small, medium or large wetsuits. They took one look at me and said ‘have you got a large child’s suit?’.



Now I’m not going to lie – I was bricking it. I’m not one of those modest ‘ah shucks, I’m probably going to be rubbish at this’ people who then absolutely whoops it. I am genuinely quite pants at a lot of things. I honestly expected to be on my arse for the whole day. Much to my surprise, I totally nailed it! Yep you heard me – up on my feet first go. Can I get a whoop whoop?!

What I loved the most about Wakeboarding is how quick it is to see real improvements. Every run I was learning something new, whether it be turning, improving my posture on the board or, in the case of one of the more experienced people, learning a little jump. It was also laugh out loud fun and I pretty much had a smile on my face the whole day. I also met a blogging kindred spirit in Adam from Fitness Fan.


So, my message is – try something new and you might just find your hidden talent.


Big thanks to spogo for organising the event and inviting me, Nick Davies and the marvellous people at Hove Lagoon for having us and the delicious lunch.






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