Rock solid race – the one with the man up pills

I’ve wanted to at least give one of these military style assault course races a go for a little while now. Just for the sheer hell of it really. It’s never going to be ‘me’ as too much faffing around and not enough PB possibilities for my liking (I’m shallow like that!).

I was given the opportunity to check out the Rock Solid Race in Exeter though and I thought ‘what the hell’. And thereafter I kind of forgot about it, ignored it, and sort of hoped it would go away. Well it didn’t folks and I have the bruises to prove it!

You see, I am a total and utter wimp and being in a military assault course is so far outside of my comfort zone it’s practically in space.

The worst of it was that everyone I saw who had just completed the course looked decidedly clean so I was lulled into the false sense of security that this was going to be a run with a few hay bails and a couple of puddles – you can tell how much I had actually looked into this can’t you?

The course started with a nice little amble down a grassy hill and then we had to jump over a few hay bails.

Comedy moment number 1: running down to the hay bails, lifting myself off and jumping into what I thought was a small puddle, which turned out to be about 3 feet deeper than I thought – cue face plant.

We were shortly then in the forest where we were soon met with puddle of waist deep mud, which felt like quick sand and there were some trainer casualties along the way. After wading through endless seas of mud and me wondering if I was ever going to get the mud out from under my nails, we had one of the first proper obstacles – the wire.

The wire was by far my worst obstacle – the water was icing cold and I almost went into shock crawling under the barbed wire. I totally lost the ability to breathe properly and just couldn’t wait for it to be over!

Then came one of my favourite things – the Lumberjack. This involved lugging a ruddy great log over you shoulder and running up and down a very muddy hill. I loved this so much – bit of strength training and hill work at the same time. Right up my strata.


After endless other forest obstacles and meeting my new BFF Austin, we were back out in the open again. My next favourite obstacle – stepping stones. Essentially planks of wood floating in freezing cold water and you have to jump between them.

Comedy moment number 2: We have been wading through mud, balanced precariously hanging off walls and climbing rope ladders, and this dude tripped over a blade of grass at the water station.


The rest is pretty much a blur to be honest, but I remember (in my head at least) that I was awesome at the rope crawl!

DIVA rating: 3/5

rating 3 of 5

The verdict:

– It was good fun for a while, but I would do the 5k next time not the 10k (too long – actually took me 2h38 to finish!)

– It’s definitely one to dress up in a silly costume with friends or impossible to find your picture

– Completing some of the obstacles on your own is tough – I just couldn’t do the A-frame on my own at all! I would recommend doing it as a team

Would I do it again? Yes, but only dressed as wonder woman. 🙂




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