Reaching my full potential

Recently I’ve fallen out with running. I’ve not been making a lot of progress and I’ve been finding the long slow runs really dull. So when we arrived in Portugal for the running training camp I was at my lowest ebb. I told myself I’d taken up running too late and I’d reached my peak. I had zero expectations and was convinced that somebody would tell me that I wasn’t proper runner and that my cover would be well and truly blown.


I’m happy to report that I am now back in love with running and I’m really excited about the marathon. I’m perhaps not going to do as well as I could have done (due to inconsistent training), but I’m just going to enjoy the amazing opportunity and go back to basics.

You see what I realised last week was that I have only just started on my running journey. I’ve spent 30 years of my life being largely sedentary in nature and this is just the beginning of a long relationship with fitness and running.


The week (or 2 week) training camp is run by the fabulous coaches and experts in their field at Full Potential. You get to live, breathe and sleep running or, if you prefer, you can just go there to relax with the odd run along the cliffs thrown in – it’s entirely up to you. You stay in the Alfamar sports hotel rubbing shoulders with athletes from various olympic teams and making the most of the excellent facilities.


The hotel itself is basic, but clean, which is fine by me as I didn’t plan on spending much time in my room!


I, naturally, chose to take every opportunity to run, get some tips and advice and soak it all up like a sponge. I lived like an athlete for a week (well, apart from the giant ice creams, the pizza…) – training twice a day, listening to talks on nutrition and finding out about the best types of mobility and strength exercises to do along side running training. In between all this I got to sit by the pool in the glorious sunshine bikini-clad. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it, right?

IMAG0069 We arrived on the Monday, took a walk along the gorgeous beach (literally just out the back of the hotel) and joined in on the evening recovery run where we caught up with some of the other people and the coaches, Ben and Rich. What followed was a week of track sessions where I learnt what a threshold run was, aqua jogging, a cross country race (where my Rich who ‘hates’ running came 3rd!) and one of the best long runs I’ve had in ages.


I had video analysis done, and contrary to what I previously thought, I don’t run like a crazed baboon. I just need to shorten my stride and work on some drills. With the help of Ben (my new running coach – get me), I’m determined to nail a 1:50 half marathon.


It was truly an inspiring and fun week and I learnt such a huge amount. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom:

  • For marathon training, don’t stress about the mileage and just focus on time
  • Train smart – make sure there’s a reason for every run
  • “Don’t have you best marathon run on a training run” (thanks Rich) – keep marathon training runs up to a maximum of 3 hours
  • Aqua jogging is a great way of training without the impact associated with running – you don’t need to spend a fortune on a belt either, you can just use a noodle float (probably about £5 instead of £20)
  • Forget spinning and Crossfit – instead I now have a marvellous personal trainer who does running-specific strength training with me and checks my form, something that is often lacking in classes
  • The things that need fixing with my running form mean that there is HUGE potential for me to improve and grow as a runner

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this video to give you a flavour of the experience.

Big thanks to everyone at Full Potential for making my holiday so brilliant and helping me to realise that I can achieve my running dreams. See you again in September. 


6 thoughts on “Reaching my full potential

  1. Oh my goodness!! That looks AMAZING!! Can I hope into your suitcase for September?? Loving the kit and the scenery pics … and a coach! Get you!! Woo woo!! So glad you’re back in love with running!!

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