Brighton Half Marathon 2014: Race report

I’ve already written a proper race report for the Brighton half marathon here so this time I thought I’d share with you the highs and lows from last Sunday’s race.



– Lovely bright sunny day

– Little boy at mile 2: “Mummy, some people are sweating already!”

– Seeing a lady up ahead wearing head to toe Sweaty Betty thermals

– Completing it in 2 hours even though nearly died from heat exhaustion

– Seeing a man dressed head to foot in blue lycra and pointing out that he had matching trainers (apparently even men in Brighton don’t colour coordinate)

– Awesome pink bling!



– Unseasonably hot weather when all my training has been in cold weather

– Dressing like a ninja on a hot day = big sweaty mess

– Not eating breakfast or packing any gels

– Not checking the train times and having to grovel to my dad to give me a lift

– Two spectators commenting that they would run it in under 2 hours – go on then!

– Last minute change of plans meaning missed a meeting with friend

– Looking like I’m standing still in nearly all my race photos


Did you do the Brighton half last week? What did you think?


6 thoughts on “Brighton Half Marathon 2014: Race report

  1. Haha I ran with Blue Morph – if it’s the same one you’re talking about ( Was an amazing day, couldn’t have been better weather. Well done on your PB – I got one too, 2:09.

    My highs: PB, weather, speeding up for last 3 miles
    My lows: being hot, not foam rolling straight after and feeling it the next day, jumping over finish line vom.

    My race report, in case you’ve missed me banging on about it! xx

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