What kind of runner are you?

I don’t know if it’s because the weather has improved a bit and marathon training is now in full swing for many people, but I’ve been noticing a pattern of running types lately and I’m finding it really entertaining on my runs. Here are my wildly exaggerated observations over the last few weeks.

The Rocky Balboa Runner


This is an old skool runner who likes to run around the streets in the least sweat-wicking fabrics they can lay their hands on. The bigger the sweat pants, the better. In fact, this runner is so hardcore you often see them running in plimsoles or Chuck’s. The Rocky Balboa runner can usually be found running a 31-mile city loop having not run for months. Rock on!

The Sports Direct Runner


Look out for the distinctive bright pink or neon yellow Karrimor high vis jacket. This runner likes to make sure they are seen, but for all the wrong reasons. They can usually be found weeping whilst stroking the latest Sweaty Betty catalogue.

The ‘All the gear and no idea’ Runner

20101031_sj_niketown_014 copy

This runner has a hot line to Nike Town and can usually be found at the marathon start line wearing more layers than aย mille-feuille. Look out for the idiot buying a new pair of trainers the day before a half marathon because the other ones were ‘so last season daaarling’.

The ‘Pro’ Runner


It’s -20 outside and snowing, and even the white walkers (Game of Thrones reference) have thrown in the towel, but that won’t deter this runner. They can usually be found running in hot pants and sports bra all year round.

The Slow Mo Runner



Source –ย www.dailymail.co.uk

There are old ladies with zimmer frames who can overtake this runner. They don’t like to break a sweat for fear of smudging their make up or, heaven forbid, get out of breath so that they have to stop their conversation about TOWIE. They can usually be found wearing leopard print and running in threes across the footpath.

I think I’m a cross between ‘All the gear and no idea’ and ‘the Sports Direct’ – which one are you? What other running types have you seen on the streets? Hit me with it!


8 thoughts on “What kind of runner are you?

  1. All the gear, and proud of it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    We get a lot of the Rocky Balboa runners round here, but there are a couple of proper down-n-dirty boxing gyms nearby so that explains it

  2. Haha, this is hilarious!!! I’m definitely the Sports Direct runner and have no shame in admitting it – I refuse to pay over the odds for sportswear – especially as I need so damn much of it, it’d cost me a fortune!! I do secretly harbour desires for something from Sweaty Betty though….



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