Marathon training week 5: I feel the need, the need for speed!

This week’s training has gone really well, I managed a mile reps session, I smashed it at Crossfit and I nailed my long run. Whilst all this is wonderful, I’ve made the decision that this year will be my last marathon year, at least for some time anyway. After marathon season I’m going back to basics – strength training, speed sessions and back on my mission to crack the 10k and the half marathon (my two absolute favourite distances). I’ve really missed a bit of speed you see. Plodding along through the cycle paths of Bicester and along the ring road at 9-10 min/mile doesn’t do it for me any more. I want to perfect my running rather than bang out the distances for distinctly average times. I’m not sure I’m much cop at distance running either. Perhaps next year I’ll have a go at a Tri too and there is no room in the schedule for a Tri and marathon training! Whilst this week I have enjoyed my training, I don’t think marathons are for me. I’m just looking forward to ticking London Marathon off my list and making the most of the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This week I bought myself the fabulous and highly coveted Sweaty Betty Velocity Run Jacket, which was so hugely popular that it has returned again this season. Quick – grab it before it goes! The fit is gorgeous and the fabric is really lovely and soft to touch. I was really pleased with it on my long run this Sunday.


In other news, running 3 times a week has been a revelation – I don’t feel like shit any more, I have more energy, my legs don’t feel heavy, I’ve got some of my speed back AND I have lost weight because I’m not eating everything in sight!

Monday: Hip stretching yoga session

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Mile reps (x3) + crossfit that looked a little like this: 80 burpees, 100 mountain climbers, 100 sit ups, 50 squat thrusts, 3 minute static squat, 40 press ups, 40 thrusters, 40 shoulder presses, 40 shoulder press squats, 60 box jumps, 60 jumping squats, 60 cleans, 1 min side planks, 1 minute normal plank…phew!

Thursday: Hip stretching yoga session

Friday: Fast 5k with the speedy blokes from work

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 15 miles in 2h30 – boom!



7 thoughts on “Marathon training week 5: I feel the need, the need for speed!

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  2. Great post! I am with you – a marathon is a great once in a blue moon achievement…..especially if its London. But marathon training and running is hard work and even harded recovery. I went from my one and only marathon (London 2012) to triathlon and can thoroughloy recommend that route. Good luck in Brighton and London.

  3. Love the jacket!! I need a new one and the brighter the better!! Glad the training is going well. Marathon training can be tough so it’s great that you’ve found a good balance!! x

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