Strong is better than skinny

I’ve been thinking of doing a post on this for a while. People always ask me how I lost weight and I tell them I cut the crap and ran. Simple! No diet pill, no carb/low carb, no diary, gluten free diet – just good old fashioned not eating junk food and shifting my ass!

For me, running was as much of a challenge (the half marathon being on my bucket list) as it was a great mission to lose weight and get into size 10 skinny jeans. I wanted to run a half marathon in a respectable time, to be strong, fit and powerful. I didn’t care about bikini bodies, toning, flat stomachs or abs, I just wanted to shift the scale from couch potato towards athlete. The weight loss was just a happy side effect.


What people don’t tell you about when you transform yourself from slothful to svelte, is that your mind takes a lot longer to adjust. Well it’s been 3 years since I lost the best part of 3 stone (19kg; 42 lbs) and I’m still getting to grips with who I am now. I am still amazed at what I can do – I could barely lift 1kg over my head a little while ago and yesterday I did 60 shoulder presses of 10kg.

My little legs that could barely walk a few miles, have run a marathon, 3 half marathons and countless 10ks. I still have my issues – I’m not overly keen on my legs, I have no butt to speak of and no waist, but I’m becoming happier in my own skin.


If I could give the old me two pieces of advice for how to become fit and healthy, I would tell myself this:

1) Eat a balanced diet – cut out the shit

2) Choose a form of exercise you enjoy and stick with it

This change is now permanent for me – what keeps me going is the passion to succeed at a running (that success being to beat my previous time) and the desire to be the best I can be.

I’m not saying ‘look how great I am’ because I don’t think I am, I’m just saying if little old me can do it then anything is possible – just believe it and it will happen! x


8 thoughts on “Strong is better than skinny

  1. Sian, this is great. I’ve just been reading a post on the Whole 30 diet, which has so many stupid arbitrary rules, and this is so refreshing. External appearances aside, I’m really happy that you’re happy. x

    • Ah thanks! xx Oh god I can’t be bothered with them! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always thought if I did anything it would be vegan, but that’s a whole lifestyle choice. Simple good old fashioned ‘everything in moderation’ for me.

  2. I think you raise a great point here…pick an exercise you enjoy. So often I see people give up purely because they just don’t enjoy the gym, running etc and assume it must mean that they don’t like any exercise.

    • Exactly – I cannot understand these people that go on the xtrainer daily for 2 months, lose a bit and then get bored and vow to never exercise again. It’s a vicious cycle. I hate the gym with a passion!

    • I think school P.E. is a huge part of the problem, it puts lots of people off of exercise for life. I left school hating pretty much all physical exercise, especially team sports, because I associated it with failure, ridicule and pain (annual forced cross-country run with zero training in preparation, anyone?). It took me years to discover that not all sport was horrible and dominated by bullies, and that there were forms of exercise that were actually fun, or at least not actively traumatic.

      I actually quite enjoy stuff like Pilates, swimming and weight training these days. And obviously I love to dance! The thought of netball or cross-country running still gives me the shivers though.

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