Why I’m running less to run more


As anyone who reads my blog will know I don’t have a lot of time these days. I’ve got deadlines, meetings coming out of my ears, a second job – not to mention marathon training, crossfit and yoga. Sheeesh, when you say it out loud it sounds even worse! I’m not going to lie, I’ve been cursing the marathon and telling myself ‘never again!’. I’ve also noticed the volume of running has brought back niggles and twinges that I had managed to shake last year. So, after reading Katy’s fab post here and thinking about when I have been most successful in my running is when I’ve actually had a rest.

I’ve decided that less is more.

There are so many plans out there that suggest you have to run every hour of every day: 1) I don’t have the time or will; 2) I just don’t feel like I’m getting sufficient time for my muscles to recover, which is resulting in niggles and twinges left, right and centre; 3) I don’t think endlessly pounding the pavements is doing anything for my motivation; and 4) running alone doesn’t build muscle strength and magnifies imbalances. Last year I started training for the Oxford half – I did 10 miles 6 weeks before, then did nothing for 3 weeks because I had a cold, then I tore my calf 10 days before, cycled instead and boom – I knocked 12 minutes off my half marathon time pulling off a sub 2-hour half. This is a half marathon time that I never thought would be possible for me in my life time and I still marvel at it! Is it just coincidence – not sure, but I’m willing to bet the rest and a bit of cross training meant my legs were fresh on the day.

So I’ve hunted online and I found this great article suggesting that you can run 3 days a week – 1x speed session, 1x tempo run and 1x long run. This is music to my ears as it means I can still do yoga and crossfit, and not want to poke my eyes out with sticks at the thought of another boring run around Bicester bypass!

I’m starting the plan at week 5/6 as I’m up to 15 miles on the long run. Tonight when I would normally be doing an utterly pointless and dull run, I’m actually going to do some yoga, chill, and eat my chicken curry.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m running less to run more

  1. Glad to hear that you have found a way to train to your maximum potential with a minimal outlay of time, it’s such a good feeling isn’t it knowing that you can allow yourself time to rest now and again isn’t it?!

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