Marathon training week 4: Every time you run you win

This week I discovered four things:

– I can’t have a busy career day job and a cool fun weekend job, and marathon train. It’s not possible without throwing a hissy fit and never seeing the other half.

– Running long runs alone sucks – I can’t stand my own company after about 2 hours.

– All the amazing planning in the world can’t make you less tired.

– I need to invest in far heavier dumbbells than 2.5kg!

Despite being a busy one again, I managed to squeeze in 4 runs and some arm weight training from Davina’s new ‘Fit in 15‘ DVD. However, I didn’t managed to do my long run, which I am absolutely gutted about. šŸ˜¦

I had a meeting in London on Friday night and Saturday morning – I took along my kit and even managed to organise with the hotel for them to keep hold of my laptop and bags, but, despite all my good intentions, the late night Friday (11pm) coupled with the 6am start meant that I had absolutely no energy or frankly the inclination to run above 3 miles. I did get to run past Buckingham Palace though and unless you live in London that doesn’t happen every day (silver linings and all that).

Even though I have run a marathon before I can feel the doubt creeping it – ‘can I do this, or have I bitten off more than I can chew?’

So my plan for next week is to man up, replace the smaller runs with some strength training and get the long run in the diary and booked in with friends! I’m also listening to ‘Run Fat B*tch Run‘ channelling the mantra ‘Every time you run you win’.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3-mile run with the OH.

Wednesday: 3-mile speedy run in my new Adidas Boosts (love them!)

Thursday: 7 miles and 15 min arms

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3-mile run around Hyde Park

Sunday: Threw a giant hissy fit instead of doing long run!



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