Marathon training week 3: The one where life got in the way

So I started my new job and new routine and with that I knew the marathon training was possibly going to suffer a bit. It did! I completely underestimated just how tired I’d be travelling to work (1-hour each way), being in an office again and taking in new information. I also had a particularly busy week anyway – I certainly hit the ground running. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much actual running. I exhausted myself instead and managed to pick up a chesty cough this week to boot. So I have massively increased my intake of vitamins, fruit juice, extra veg, and early nights.

What have I learnt this week?

  • Take your kit with you everywhere – if you have a meeting in London – run afterwards. It’s going to be very difficult with my job to not be prepared for last minute meetings. I’m going to need to seize every opportunity to train.
  • Prepare lunches – apart from Monday, I haven’t had an opportunity to leave the building for lunch. I am so glad I’ve been prepared or I would have been so hungry!
  • Run at lunch times – I have a couple of days with 3-4 miles easy on the schedule so those would be ideal.
  • Invest in dry shampoo – for the lunch time runs I plan on showering my body and dry shampooing my hair to save time.
  • Rest as much as I can – get in naps and go to bed early where possible.
  • Meticulously plan long runs at the weekend and organise them with friends in advance. I’m going to struggle to go beyond about 13 miles on my own.
  • Get fresh air and get away from the desk – being cooped up inside all the time is recipe for picking up the office cold.
  • Invest in some antibacterial/antiviral gel – it’s only January 26th and I refuse to get cold number 3 any time soon!

Monday: I went along to try out Crossfit at The Athlete CentreΒ in Oxford with Nicole. It was bloody hard, but such a lot of fun!


Tuesday: 3 miles easy

Wednesday: 3 miles easy

Thursday: Exhaustion set in…

Friday: I felt really ill and was exhausted after a meeting in London.

Saturday: I needed to rest. I felt so tired I actually felt nauseous.

Sunday: I decided to man up and do 13.1 miles. I hauled my arse out of bed and dragged myself out in the pouring rain – I am feeling good and so proud of myself. πŸ™‚ I killed it even with my cough and managed 2 h 16.



Next week is set to be even busier – it looks like I’ll be working all weekend so I may need to re-jig the training plan and get a long run in with running club again so that I can squeeze in shorter runs around work. I will also ditch crossfit next week as it takes a lot out of me and can be replaced with a run.

How’s your training going? Are you managing to fit in training around life?


7 thoughts on “Marathon training week 3: The one where life got in the way

  1. Sounds a tough week! Hope you’re feeling better now. I’ve been nailing my marathon training … up until yesterday when the Dorset version of a monsoon drenched me and nearly knocked me over. I was 1.5 miles into a 16 miler but gave it up as a bad job 😦

  2. Wow! that is a tough week! I have to admit I am struggling to balance work, life and half marathon training! I just have to force myself out the door in the evenings (I am not a morning person of exercising).

  3. Well done for finding ANY time to work out when you’re not feeling well and had a new job schedule to get your head around too!
    I need to heed your advice and plan lunches. I end up wasting half of my lunch break wondering around, trying to figure out what to eat and normally settling for something not particularly good for me!

  4. I keep my bottom drawer at work full of running clothes and often run or exercise at lunch. It is difficult to get in more than 10K in my allotted time but 3-4 miles is possible. Not having all your gear is a terrible excuse not to exercise.
    If I just lift and do not get too sweaty I will wash up at the sink in the locker room and re-apply deodorant. Saves times and I’m not too much of a mess.
    I try to bringing breakfast and lunch to work. That way I can control those two meals. I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding the box of cookies or donuts left in the break room.
    A new routine can wreak havoc on your routine!
    Run Well – Andy

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