Marathon training week 2: Mixing it up a bit

I’m happy to report that my marathon training is going really well, although we’ll see how well it goes when I start my new job tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty dedicated and super organised – I managed to cook up batches of meals to take for lunch and make for easy dinners when I’m late back and have to schedule an evening run in. My Crock-pot has been working overtime with batches of freshly made chicken (made by boiling up the chicken carcass) and tomato soups bubbling away ready for next week.



Fresh batch of homemade Thai prawn and salmon curry.

I also decided to mix the schedule up a bit – normally you do a long run at the weekend, but I decided to give myself a weekend off and instead tacked on a few extra miles to my normal club night – that way avoiding the dreaded boring long run alone.

Mon: Rest

Tues: Running club – 1.2k warmup, 3.5x 600m @ 5k pace and 7X 300m @5k pace (with 30 sec rest in between) – I actually ended up running at nearer 6.40-7 min/miles for the most part (approx 6 miles overall)

Wed: 3 miles easy plus Crossfit (ouch) – it still hurts, I still suck at core, but I did manage to do loads of burpees and some 30 kg deadlifts.

Thurs: Hiptastic yoga session from here and a 12-mile run. I ran to my running club (approx 1.5 miles), did the 6-mile circuit and then tacked on 4.5 miles on the end.

Fri: 3 miles easy in my lunch break. I ran up the Iffley road 1.5 miles there and back. The slightly annoying thing about that road is that it appears to be hilly both up and back. The whole thing actually ended up being a faff as I had to take in 3 sets of clothes because I went straight out afterwards, but I did get to carb load with some pizza!


Sat: I was lazy – I do wish I’d run, but I needed the rest.

Sun: I worked and was too tired for a run, but I have crossfit tomorrow and I start my new job so I’m not going to be too hard on myself!

How’s your marathon training going?



3 thoughts on “Marathon training week 2: Mixing it up a bit

  1. Good luck with the new job!

    I’m signed up for the Brighton Marathon in April but started training late. Taking things as they come and if the mileage increases nicely then I’ll run, else I could defer.

    Keep up the good work!

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