2014: The year of cross training


I wrote off the first week of January as I was recovering from a cold, but I am pleased to report I am well and truly back on track now.

The reality has finally hit me though – I am actually running a marathon in April! It’s quite terrifying and exciting at the same time. I also start my new job a week on Monday so I’m going to have to be extremely disciplined and make the most of all the time I have to slot in training. I plan on getting up early for 3 mile runs, making the most of my lunch breaks and squeezing in long runs in the week if and when I have business trips/races.

Last year I ran and I successfully added yoga to my training to help loosen up my stiff leg muscles, but this year I’m also adding in some strength training. I have a core like jelly and I  could really up my overall strength so I’ve decided to add Crossfit to my schedule.

Now Crossfit is HARDCORE! To say I struggled in my first class would be an understatement – burpees were actually invented by the devil and the instructor never seemed to let up for the whole hour. I’m going to keep at it though because I’m sure I’ll start seeing results really quickly. The first class involved dead lifts, static squats, burpees, kettle bell swings, shoulder presses, press ups and planks (and many other exercises I’ve forgotten!).

Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday: 3 miles easy

Tuesday: Ashtanga yoga + 6 miles (3xmile reps at between 9 min/mile and 8.5 min/mile)


Wednesday: 3 miles easy + 1 hour Crossfit

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3 miles easy

Saturday: 9 miles @ 9.5 min/mile pace

Sunday: 3 miles easy (planned tomorrow morning)

How’s your marathon training going?


2 thoughts on “2014: The year of cross training

  1. Looks like you’ve had a great week 🙂

    I’m getting really worried that my plan isn’t working for me and I’m not actually running enough. It only has three runs (plus one optional ‘easy’ run), two of these are hardcore kenyan hills or threshold sessions and my knees said no this week. Got back to Parkrun today after bailing on Tuesday’s threshold session and got long run tomorrow, just hope I can get through it.

    Maybe I’m overthinking it. It’s only been 4 weeks right? Just cuz I missed a couple of planned runs doesn’t mean I’ll fail… Ask me again after tomorrow… x

    • Hey this is my first week so really don’t worry. I would maybe add in an extra easy run (3 mile) as a recovery run after the tough session. There are 2 schools of thought though – more runs or quality runs. My plan is a sub 4.15 but yours might be a newbie plan so don’t worry too much. You are in a lot better place than I am – I only have 12 weeks to train! eeekkk! xx

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