Andy Reading 10k: The one down the road from me


Contrary to popular belief, I’m a lazy moo. If I can roll out of bed, slide into my running clothes, jump in the car to drive 5 minutes down the road to the race, then we are on to an instant winner. And that was exactly the case last Sunday when I took part in the Andy Reading 10k, which is organised by my local club – Alchester Running Club. Our motley crew of runners rocked up, including a few running their last 2013 race for Thomas Laurie,  one of whom had had a skin full the night before. He deserved an extra medal for showing up, not vomiting half way around the course and/or hitching a ride to the finish line with St John Ambulance!

Things I learned whilst running the Andy Reading 10k:

– Long straight stretches are my arch nemesis. I don’t like being reminded of how little progress I am making (real or imagined).

– I am prone to getting stuck behind people with large impassable bottoms. I really need to learn to get the hell out of dodge and find my own space to run at my own pace.

– Screw beetroot shots, good fats, carb loading etc, Chewits are the pre-race food of champions!

– Alcohol will actually get you a PB – fact (we’ll just gloss over the fact that it was his first 10k race).

– You can have a full blown conversation with someone mid race and still get a PB (51.58 no less).

– Mugs are NOT a satisfactory replacement for a shiny bit of bling (race organisers take note).

– ASICS Gel Kinsei are the comfiest trainers on earth.

Is it my favourite race? Far from it! Will I do it again? You bet!


2 thoughts on “Andy Reading 10k: The one down the road from me

  1. OMG well done on your PB – we’re going to nail that 50 minutes, right?

    Having moved house over christmas, I’m finally going to get a chance to do my beet shots this coming week – I’m actually in one place for two consecutive saturdays for parkrun!!

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