Review: adidas Adistar Raven

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try out the new adidas Adistar Raven off-road trail shoes. I was really excited to try them out as they were voted Best Trail Running Shoes by the Gadget Website.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 09.09.43First impressions, they look really good quality with no stitching (Techfit Upper – can’t tell you how many trainers I’ve bought where the stitching has come apart!), a really good solid tread with the TRAXION outsole for maximum traction on hard and soft ground, and Continental™ Rubber for extra grip in wet conditions. I also love that you don’t have to tie shoe laces, with the clever draw string and velcro system. And the colours are totally awesome – the photo doesn’t do them justice, but they are BRIGHT!


I’ve taken them out on several runs now and although they initially felt a bit ‘chunkier’ than my usual trainers (well trail shoes generally are), they are super bouncy and light! Importantly, I have haven’t had any twinges in my left knee whilst wearing them. I just need to find some decent trails to test them out on now (although I don’t want to get them dirty!). 😉

At £105 they are not the cheapest pair of trainers, nor are they the most expensive, but I am really glad I tried them out as I probably wouldn’t have chosen them and would have opted for a recognised ‘trail brand’.

Now that I have my trail shoes sorted, I am on the hunt for some decent road shoes. Any recommendations?

DIVA rating: 5/5 for looks, quality, cushioning, grip and all round awesomeness!



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