Marathon training week 1: The one with the Zero Calorie Advent launch party

I don’t know about you, but I have been finding it really hard to run in the evenings now that the nights are drawing in. All I want to do is curl up on the sofa and eat cake.

Monday: 3M easy run – this a was delightful run. I put on some seriously cheesy tunes, ditched the Garmin and just went out.

Tuesday: Ashtanga yoga class

Wednesday: 3k treadmill run and then 30 mins on the bike

Thursday: 4k run with some sprints

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.5k run during my lunch break

Sunday: Meant to be an 8 miler, but couldn’t face it (too cold).

I have plenty of time anyway so not too fussed, but I found it tough to get out there so I might have to start running before work.


On Thursday I was invited to the Zero Calorie Advent launch party. Zero Calorie Advent is a fun alternative to the usual unhealthy chocolate-based calendar. In December, healthy recipes, free classes and video workouts will be posted up for fitness lovers like me who hate the idea of losing the workout/healthy eating momentum over Christmas.


The event started with a run with the Goodgym from Covent Garden to Somerset house where we helped out a community project by ripping out radiator covers and lifting sheets of plywood. We then hit the road again from Somerset House over the Millennium bridge towards the Tate Gallery and back to the event again for some well-deserved Presecco.


I had such a good time and finally got to meet some bloggers in the flesh, including Elle, Leah, and Katy. It was also a great opportunity to donate my entire trainer collection (it was getting out of hand) to a good cause – A Mile in Her Shoes. This wonderful charity encourages homeless women to get out and run.

If you want to join in the Zero calorie Advent fun, check out their facebook page and website for more info.


4 thoughts on “Marathon training week 1: The one with the Zero Calorie Advent launch party

  1. Ah, I ran last night in the cold darkness. Hated it! It seems like your either too cold or to hot. You get warmed up, un-zip your jacket and then get a cold blast of air. I think the Carribean has consistent warm weather. Maybe I should move there.

  2. I love this idea I had seen it on twitter but wasn’t 100% sure what would be part of it. It’s a really good idea for those of us not having choccie advent calendars 🙂

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