Is fat now ‘good’ for you? Everything in moderation if you ask me…


Last week there was an article in the Mail that really got my goat, aside from the fact that it was in the Mail, it did nothing more than add more conflicting dietary messages in the mix. No carb, low fat, carb loading, high protein – if we listened to all of these things sooner or later someone will tell me it’s OK to eat a Big Mac daily!

The article in the Mail was citing new research indicating that fat is good for your heart and that high carb/low fat diets may actually be more damaging to your heart.

Of course fat is good for you – every single cell in your body is encased in a lipid (fat) bilayer so cutting fat out is not going to be good for you, but this shouldn’t then give everyone trying to lose weight a license to eat butter and cheese by the bucket load.

When it comes to diet, it’s all about common sense – we need all types of macro nutrients – protein, fats and carbohydrates, but in moderation. I don’t overload on carbohydrates just because I’m running and I certainly don’t cut anything out of my diet either, I just try to be sensible. Eating half a loaf of bread daily is obviously not going to be good for you, but neither is avoiding all carbs at all costs.

What do you think about these latest reports? Will it change the way you eat or do you think it’s all guff?


2 thoughts on “Is fat now ‘good’ for you? Everything in moderation if you ask me…

  1. Who can keep up with this stuff? Adding fat and protein to high GI foods helps lower their glycemic load which I’m told is the number we should be paying attention to.
    I’m not a scientist so I have to sort through all of this and try to find resolution to my confusion. I’m mostly still confused though! I started reading “Wheat Belly” and it is setting me up to want to stop eating grain. Right.
    I switched to mostly whole grain during the whole Atkins crazyness. I’m getting more fiber and nutrients, but I can’t say I feel any different. Getting away from hghly refined flour seemed to make sense, I could understand the concept. The Paleo diet etc still seem a little whacky to me.

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