#Sub50project: Meet the participants (2) and social meet

So we met the first batch of guinea pigs willing participants last week and word has spread through the blog vine such we have a few more people who want to get involved (the more, the merrier if you ask me!).

In no particular order, please welcome…



With the big 3-0 looming I started running again seriously this year, having not run a race since the Great Scottish Run back in Sep 2011, when I clocked a 56 minute 10K. After that, for some reason, I just stopped running, After months of nothing, I decided to start blogging in July 2013 to have some accountability and to motiviate me to keep going. I won a place in the Run to the Beat half marathon in September with just 4 weeks to train!! Hard work and determination got me round the course in just under 2 hours, so was pretty pleased. I then ran the Teach First 10K in October in just over 52 mins and now I’m determined to get sub 50! Oh, and I’m running the london marathon in April so every little bit of training will help…



A lover of running, tea and yummy healthy food, I founded the blog www.veggierunners.com with my mum, to natter about all of the above. Spending my teenage years on the granola-loving West Coast of Canada, I learned to support my running with plenty of yoga practice to keep myself injury free. I now live in the North of England, where I am trying to buy a house with room enough for all of my trainers and good light for my food photos.



I started running in Summer 2012 and blog at www.pixietrails.com. I was initially hampered by gait-related blisters, which took over year to diagnose & fix), and prevented me from running more than 5k without pain. My usual runs are still normally 5k, sometimes a bit further up to 10k. I don’t have the patience to run much further on roads, preferring trail runs, although I have completed two half marathons.

My PBs to date are: 5k: 25.34, 10k: 53.52 (both on my local hilly training route, August & October 2013 respectively), and half marathon: 2h07 (Bristol half 2013 – a lack of long training runs showed in the second half of that race, although the result was a 23 minute improvement on last year’s race!).

I’m therefore quite a way off having a sub-50 10k in my sights. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find the time to prioritise improving my running speed while also enjoying other sports such as cycling, and also doing a lot of travelling around the country for work, so my training for the #sub50project definitely needs to be focused on quality, not quantity. Looking forward to sharing tips, advice and the journey.



I’m Lisa and I’m a 35-year-old mum of two mainly seen running round East London.

Technically I have done sub 50 – just 49.46 at pride 10k in 2012 (did same race 2 yrs earlier in time of 67 mins) but in run up to Brighton half in Feb 2013 my right hip started playing up. I ran Brighton and surprised myself with knocking 8 mins off previous half and completing in 1.50.59. Stupidly I didn’t rest or go and see anyone and kept on training despite being in pain. Ran Bupa 10k and came in at 50.25. I pulled out of RPH as hip so bad and stopped running for the summer. I have appointment at sports injury clinic at beginning of November so once got all clear will get training again. Currently running 10k in 54ish mins. I ran London marathon in 2012 in 4.22.23. Other running aims are sub 4.10 marathon and sub 1.50 half. Here’s hoping physio can fix me.



Hello, I’m Josie. I’ve been running for just over 2 years, I started with a women’s only 5k in Hyde Park and haven’t ever really looked back! I’ve done loads of 10k’s and 2 half marathons since then, and this summer saw me take on my first triathlon; the Super Sprint at Blenheim. I loved it so much I entered another one at Eton Dorney, and finished the season off with a 2.5km open water swim race in the torrential rain. I’m a super-temp, actor, yogi and recent ParkRun devotee with a 52 minute 10k that I would LOVE to get down!



I’m currently training for my second marathon, the New York City Marathon that I’m running on Nov 3rd (check out www.therunnerbeans.co.uk to see if I can beat my last marathon time!). I’m hoping that post-marathon, transitioning from long runs to short, fast runs and focusing on speed will mean my min mile pace will drop.

My current 10K time is 53.39, achieved during a very busy, overcrowded 10K. After running a 1.52 half marathon a few weeks ago, I know I can run a faster 10K, and I want to earn an elusive sub 50 10,000m!



I other news, we are having a #sub50project meet at the Mo Running 10k at Greenwich park on 30th November. It’s just a bit of fun not about PBs (unless you want it to be) and a chance for me to hand out some Beet It Sport for you to try out for a mini #sub50project experiment later in the year.

If you want to run, just enter as an individual here or if you want to come along and support instead (“come on mo fos”, etc), please do. Tashes at the ready people!


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