Absolutely Bricking it!

So now that the Oxford half and my stonking PB are out of the way (did I mention that?), it’s back to business as usual and training for my next big thing – the Reading Dinton Duathlon.   I am a total newbie to this whole cycling thing. Even cycling in the gym is something I try and avoid so this is a big challenge for me and a big deal. I’ve been out on my bike, used my exercise bike at home and obviously do a lot of running, but how are my little old legs going to cope having to run/bike/run that’s the question?

I thought I’d test this yesterday in the first of many Brick sessions before the event. What’s a Brick session (glad you asked as I had no clue either?): Bricks refer to training on two disciplines during the same workout.

Given that my poor legs ran a half marathon on Sunday and we were only on Wednesday, I decided to do a mock up of a mini sprint duathlon and try out a 2k run (on the dreadmill) followed by a 12k cycle on the exercise bike and a 2k run outside (that’s more like it!).


Here’s what I found out:

– Running on fresh legs is OK, but actually running on legs after the first run and the bike was lovely as my legs were nice and warmed up

– Running, biking and then running again uses a lot more energy because you’re using different muscle groups so I will probably need lots of gels on the day and energy drinks

– I STILL hate treadmills even for 2k


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