My post-run routine



So last week I suffered a grade 1 tear of my calf muscle whilst running to work (my bus was late!). I was lucky – it actually felt a lot worse than it is. I really thought I’d hurt my Achilles, which would have been a disaster! It’s not the best news given that I have the Oxford half marathon on Sunday, but with some treatment – sports massages, physio, strapping with KT tape to support the calf I can hopefully overcome it quickly. It’s made me realise just how inadequate my post-run routine is. A few token static stretches, even some yoga stretches that are generally deeper are simply not enough when you are training for speed and endurance as frequently as I am. It seems the cause of the injury in the first place is tight muscles and lots of knots.

So my new routine includes the following:

– Drinking lots of water to help the lymphatic system drain and prevent the knots

– Lots more stretching throughout the day

– Slow recovery runs to help loosen the muscles

Maxifuel recovery drink – replaces electrolytes and provides protein

– Foam rollering like a mo fo and using the massage ball

– In the absence of having the dollar for a sports massage, I’ve been using Songbird warming rub to help relax and the loosen the leg muscles

– Bathing with Epsom salts after a long or hard run

– At least monthly sports massages

– Ibuprofen to reduce swelling and inflammation in my injury

It’s terrible that having an injury makes you reassess how effective your post-run routine is, but I’ve been lucky that my injury is very minor. Call it a warning if you will, but I intend on continuing most of these for as long as I’m running!


7 thoughts on “My post-run routine

  1. Hope things are feeling lots better by half day chick.

    I’ve got one of the massage balls and never really sure what to do with it – clearly I am very thick here lol!


  2. Oh dear… hope you’re feeling better?! Hopefully I’ll bump into you at Oxford Half… Maybe ‘bump’ is the wrong word! Would be good to catch up (with less vodka, this time… he he he!)

      • Yes, think he might brave it (he says it depends on the weather…. Nothing like a fair weather husband!). I’ll get him to give Rich a text if he does.

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