What makes a good home gym?

I’m not going to lie to you – I am a massive tight wad so the idea of having to pay extortionate gym membership prices doesn’t really appeal to me. I would much rather pay out for a bit of gym kit that I can use whenever I want, keep until it wears out and get maximum bang for my buck.

You don’t even have to have masses of space now for a home gym – we have our gym in the garage where, let’s face it, most people store a lot of junk that never sees the light of day! Some people also build sheds specifically to house all their gym equipment. There are also some really great space saver pieces of gym equipment, including folding exercise bikes and treadmills, such as this one from the Gym Company (pictured below) so even the corner of an office or the dining room can become a make-shift gym.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 10.55.40


BH Fitness F5 treadmill – £899 available from the Gym Company.

In our gym we have various weight machines (more the boyfriend’s than mine!), including a Smith Machine, dumb bells and kettle bells, a TV, DVD player and TV box, space to do aerobic exercises, a folding treadmill and bike, and a punch bag.


Out of all of the these things, my favourite piece of kit is the bike because you can do HIIT training on it or more traditional sprint and endurance workouts.


My essential pieces of home gym kit are:

– A cardio machine, be it a treadmill, bike, cross trainer or rowing machine – something that means you get a good cardio workout on a rainy day

– Free hand weights and/or kettle bells for strength and cardio training

– An exercise mat for stretching and yoga practice

– Mirror for weights (just to check your form)

– A TV or iPod dock – for entertainment purposes!

Everything else is a bonus!


4 thoughts on “What makes a good home gym?

  1. I’m lucky and have a gym at work that I use 2-3 times per week. I also run 3 times per week.
    When ever someone says they are going to buy a treadmill I tell them to save their money and go buy a good pair of running shoes. Most home gym equipment ends up getting pushed into a corner with clothes hung all over it. I think people get caught up in the excitement of the purchase and that somehow this is going to change their life.
    The vast majority of people do not stick with an exercise plan. It’s better to spend $100 on shoes than $1,500 on a treadmill. You’ll hate your self less when you throw in the towell.
    I hate to sound negative, but that seems to be the reality. ;(

    • I totally agree with what your saying – the only reason i got my treadmill though is that in the winter running in the UK is treacherous as they don’t clear the ice/snow from the paths. I only use it in the winter for spring marathon training. I do you my bike all the time though.

      • It’s difficult in New England also! Fortunately I have the gym at work for the really bad days. I call those treadmills my “no excuses” machines!

      • this is the thing, last year it snowed solidly for about 3 months and I couldn’t train so I canned the marathon. No excuses this year! 🙂 Very lucky to have a gym at work. I’m self employed so my work gym is my home gym. 🙂

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