5-minute exercises

Even on holiday or when I’m busy I really do try and squeeze in just a little bit of exercise into my day, even 5 minutes’ worth is better than nothing at all! Here are some of the ways I do it:

Tabata training

tabataI saw this idea on Facebook a while ago and thought I’d give it a go as it’s a nice way of mixing up my training and because it’s short I’m much less likely to skip it. You write down a random selection of exercises (timed or number) onto lollipop sticks (squat thrusts, planks, sit ups etc), put them in a pot and then pick them at random.



Have some fun with it too and add in some yoga poses or even some paleo exercises (eg, the bunny hop).


Suspension training


Obviously weights are too heavy to take with you on holiday, so how about trying out suspension training where you use your own body weight to train? I’ve bought out the straps and attached them to a tree here. It’s such hard work that you only need to do a few reps to feel exhausted and out of breath!


Hill sprints

Find a hill, pick a stretch about 100m in length (maybe 2 to 3 lamp posts) and sprint up it as fast as you can. Walk back to the starting point and repeat 5x.



3 thoughts on “5-minute exercises

  1. I love your lollipop sticks – I have a big jar full of bright folded post its on with my stuff on them!
    I have just started doing some suspension stuff at my morning bootcamp and it’s damn hard work but I am enjoying it so far.

  2. The lollipop sticks are a great idea! Good work on exercising on holiday too – when I went away for a week I did one run and spent the rest of the holiday eating too much and lazing too much. Saying that I did a lot of snorkelling, does that count?!

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