Half marathon training update (or lack of it)

So 2 to 3 weeks ago I was running 20+ miles in a week and feeling good, I ran a 10-mile run at race pace for a just under 2-hour half (minus a few stops for traffic!), I ran a 5k PB (25.06), a 10k PB (53.40), I was squeezing in yoga, a few races and even Boom! Cycle…and then I was hit with quite a bad cold and it all went down hill from there. I haven’t run probably in 2 weeks now – well, I haven’t had the energy to do anything really other than stuff down food and watch TV. I tried to go for a run on Saturday, but had to stop after 3k because my lungs were burning.



It’s just frustrating when you set your heart on running something and training for it really well (I’ve got in long runs of 10+ miles, speeds sessions and been doing so well) and then a huge set back happens.


I’m now in Crete for some R&R, but I know the area well so today I do have some exercise plans. Tabata training before lunch – I saw this fantastic idea the other day and wanted to try it out – and a run this evening (possibly 6-7K). I also plan on doing another run of a similar distance on Thursday, one on Saturday in the morning and then a long run on Sunday when I get back (try for at least 8 miles).

I think my chances of a decent time at the Oxford half marathon in 19 days are somewhat scuppered now, but I’ll have to just settle for finishing it, taking in the atmosphere and enjoying the day. Maybe the Brighton half next February will be my chance to shine?

Anyway, I have the sub 50 project coming up so that should keep me busy. 🙂

Speaking of training set backs, do go along and say hi to Dash – she’s had a few set backs and for us runners, it’s the worst possible thing! Let’s stick together and show our support!


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