If you want something, you have to fight for it!


I’ve been chatting to quite a few people lately about what they want to achieve – mostly weight loss goals – and the thing that always strikes me is that even the best of people want something, but they are not prepared to fight for it. They are not willing to overhaul their lives, suffer difficult times, work hard, cry on occasion, and sweat, but in the process achieve the one thing in their lives that they really want. You see, I think if you’re not prepared to do those things and make a few sacrifices then you are not ready to make a change. End of!

The only way I think change will happen, whether it be eating more healthily, exercising, losing weight – whatever it is – is if you push yourself and do the following:

1) Set a goal: doing something for something’s sake is not going to have any lasting impact on your life. Otherwise you would have been doing it before, right? For example, exercising purely for weight loss is both dull and uninspiring, you will not push yourself hard enough (look out for these types in the gym – they will be the ones on the phone on the treadmill!) and you will probably lose interest. Set yourself a goal – whether it be a weight loss target by a certain time, to run a 5k or to row 10,000m. Having a goal to push towards gives you focus.

2) Make your goal accountable: It’s no good saying “I want to run 5k” to yourself as you will likely be used to letting yourself down. Tell your friends and family your plans, post on Facebook or Twitter, or invite your friends to join in. Making your goals common knowledge will make you less likely to quit as hopefully your pride will kick in. Also, you’re not just letting yourself down – you’re letting down others too.

3) Make it fun: I don’t believe in exercise for losing weight (it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise anyway!) – exercise should be fun. Make it a competition with yourself, friends, enter fun things (Tough Mudder, local 5k race), travel and exercise (go trail running, hiking and cycling). If it’s not enjoyable, you won’t stick with it.


Nobody said it’s going to be easy, if it was you would have done it already – but when you start seeing results, and achieving dreams you will never look back!


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