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I’ve been really amazed at my progress over 10k with minimal training other than the same old training I’ve always done, but I’ve been wondering lately how well I could do with proper training and advice. If I could bottle all the tips and great advice, and do my homework could I – a mere mortal – run a 10k in under 50 minutes too?

Here are how my stats have improved over 10k:

– 2012: 58.20 minutes

– May 2013: 55.01 minutes

– August 2013: 53.40 minutes

– March 2014: sub 50 minutes?

With this level of improvement I know I can do more with training. 10k seems like a good distance for me to work on as the principles for training can be applied for longer distances and the training will help me for all the other events I’m doing (half marathons and full marathons) so I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and pledge that I am going to run a sub 50-minute 10k by next March at the Richmond spring riverside 10k (or similar).

Sub 50 project – what is it?

A group of bloggers and I all looking to get under 50 minutes in a 10k will be chatting to coaches, attending running club speed sessions, trying out the latest fads, hanging with super speedy people and working on our nutrition over the next couple of months to make this dream a reality. You can follow our progress over the next few months.

We will share our hints, tips, things we have learned and mistakes we have made along the way, and post up homework for you sub 50 wannabes to help you share in the experience.

How can you get involved?

Maybe you are currently running a sub 55 minute 10k (like me), but went to push yourself further or maybe you used to run faster, but have just got back into running again after a long break and want to get your previous form back. Whatever the reason, all are welcome to join!

If you have a blog and want to join in on the sub 50 project, just grab the button on my sidebar and get involved! Or, you can join in on twitter using the hashtag #sub50project.

We will have guest posts from expert coaches, nutritionists, physios, sports psychologists and people who regularly run sub 50-minute 10ks to find out the secret to being super speedy. If you are one of these very experts and you would like to share your expertise in exchange for a link, you can get in touch here:

There will also be twitter chats on various topics, the first of which will be on Wednesday 25th September at 8pm GMT the topic will be “What’s the secret (f anything) to running faster?” – what did you do to run faster, what tips could you share?

My sub 50 goals:

1) First and foremost I need to get light, which means eating the right things, but not sacrificing nutrition. If anything, I probably need to up my protein intake and complex carbs.

2) Learn to run fast and get those legs moving.

3) Work on my technique – my form is more that of an ultra runner (minimalist shall we say!) than a fast runner!

4) Get stronger – working on those glutes and hamstrings would be a start.

5) Get fitter – I need to work on improving my VO2 max.

6) Sort out my mental game to stop me wimping out between 5 and 7k.

Who’s with us?


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