Race report: Women’s Running 10k, Finsbury Park, London


On Saturday I ran in the Women’s Running 10k at Finsbury’s park. It was a real last-minute decision as I was supposed to be going to Waveform festival, but that got postponed. It was a shame as I would have liked to have joined the Write this Run team! Anyway, I got to see the lovely Write this Run ladies at the start, so it was all good! 🙂


The race was super easy to find – the tube station is literally right next to Finsbury park, which meant that I arrived there stress free and on time (phew – I don’t enjoy getting up at 7am on a Saturday and rushing around). I arrived, picked up my race pack and then heard someone call out my name – it was the lovely Becca off of From Snickers to Marathon who was with the other Write this Run crewBecs, Laura, Mercy and Gill. After chatting for a bit, they all headed off for their celebrity interview bit! 🙂

I then heard a second “Sian” – it was none other than the drop dead gorgeous Lucy of Lucy on the Lookout fame. Having got my celebrity on (get me?!), I then spied Nell McAndrew clutching a tiny baby in her arms yet still looking absolutely gorgeous and slim!


After the warmup, which involved me going left when everyone else went right and refusing to do the static stretches – sorry, I don’t DO static stretches before running! I lined up behind the 50-minute pacer and spotted the lovely runner bean herself, Charlie, who’d just done a 9-mile run and the lazy runner (allegedly) Laura!

I got off to a rapid start completing the first kilometre in 4.58 min/k, which I couldn’t maintain throughout as the course was really quite undulating and a mixture of grass (nicer underfoot but slower than tarmac) and paths.


  • When a random spectator offered me a can of Tenants Super
  • Seeing Liz at the half way point shouting my name
  • My mega sprint finish

Low point

  • Developing 3 incredibly painful stitches – you heard me THREE. One at 4k, one at 6k and one at about 8k!


I finished in a respectable 53.57, which is not a PB, but given the undulating course, the Tenants Super (joke) and the stitches, I’m pretty damn chuffed with that – it shows I can do more and gives me hope that with some more speed training, I could maybe, just maybe, achieve a sub 50 min one day!

Diva rating: 5/5


All in all, I would recommend this race as it’s a super friendly, not too busy 10k, on a great, but a little challenging course, a fabulous goody bag containing a free Women’s Running magazine, a 9 bar, energy drink, bottle of water, and tissues to name a few, and a great bit of bling!

Over and out!


6 thoughts on “Race report: Women’s Running 10k, Finsbury Park, London

    • Stitches are horrible aren’t they? I get them all the time. I think I figured mine out though – my sports bra is far too tight and constricting my breathing making it quite shallow.

  1. Aww you’re too sweet 🙂 I can’t believe I missed the man with the tenants super 😉 !! What do you do when you get stitches, just run through them? I really struggle with them once they take hold (and often have to stop for a while) so I try to slow my pace right down before they get worse… would be keen to hear any techniques though! And congrats on the awesome time (hills ‘n all), speedy miss-speedison! Hope t o see you at another race at some point xx

    • Ah thanks babes! I normally try and breath deeper and slower, and apply pressure to the area, but it still hurts and you do have to step off the gas. Annoying things aren’t they? I think mine is related to my sports bra being insanely tight. I’m sticking with crop top medium impact from now on.

      • Thanks Sian, going to try to run through them and try your breathing techniques when they next come on a run! I definitely find looser (but still supportive) clothing to be the best too! Have a lovely week x

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