Half marathon training update


So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been focussing on training for the Oxford Half Marathon on 13th October. The holy grail for me is to achieve a sub 2-hour half marathon. Last year I ran in 2 half marathons – the Brighton half and the Eastbourne half. My fastest time was 2 hour 10 – I would absolutely love to beat that!

So the week before last I managed to get in 26 miles of training, including 2 new PBs (5k and 10k), a slow 8 miler and a speed session.  Last week I only managed a 10-mile run as I was actually on a work trip to Hong Kong (hence the picture) and had no time to train. So what are my plans for this week?

Monday: 5k run (26.22). Helped me sleep like a log and get over my jet lag! 🙂

Tuesday: Speed training session

Wednesday: Pilates and cycling

Thursday: Cycling and running club

Friday: Pilates class in the morning and a 15k run at race pace (5.3k/min)

Saturday: Park run – aiming for a fast one

Sunday: Rest

I’m running the Oxford half marathon for Helen and Douglas House with Ewan who is running 13 races for the charity. You can sponsor him here. You can read more here.



One thought on “Half marathon training update

  1. I’m hoping for a sub-2 hour half marathon too! After two weeks off I’m just getting back into training for the Great Birmingham Run! Your training plan looks great, I’m sure you’ll get there!

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