Race report: Pride 10k


Yesterday I ran in the Pride 10k – a race that I was introduced to me by Lisa on twitter. I was hoping to get together a group of people originally, but summer is always tough with people on holiday and away for the weekend. I ended up going on my own instead. I didn’t even have my cheering crew either (I say crew, the boyfriend – he was working!).


The race was held at Victoria Park – the same location as the Nike we own the night 10k. Victoria Park is a great location – it’s easy to get to by tube (Mile End on the central line being the closest station; 20 minute walk), it’s flat, there’s a good deal of shelter from the trees and it’s an attractive well-kept park.

The race itself was probably one of the best organised I’ve been to – there were clearly marked signs, a manned bag drop, sufficient number of toilets and lots of friendly volunteers. Also the free bagels at the end and bananas was a nice touch.

The other thing about the race was the super friendly atmosphere. There was a real mixture of really good club runners and amateurs.


The race was a 3-lap course. I normally don’t enjoy lapped courses as there’s usually a section of the course that’s either dull, hilly or exposed. As this had none of those factors the 3 laps was actually psychologically quite useful – I knew how far I had to go, when to kick and when to hold back.

The start was organised into pens (yes – so many race organisers could learn from this!) – I stood just ahead of the 55 minute pen as I was aiming for around 53 minutes. My previous best was at the Nike 10k (55.01), but I knew I could beat that, although the humidity was high (70%) so the conditions were not conducive to a PB.

I started a little over enthusiastically at about 4.50 min/k pace and had to step off the gas for the next few k. I ran the first 5k in 27 minutes, then the humidity started to get to me. Around this time I was being lapped by the first club runner and rather than making me feel slow, it gave me just the energy I needed to start up again. By 7k I realised that I could PB this if I really put some effort in so I stepped on it again finishing at 5 min/pace for a new 10k PB of 53.40!


The verdict

  • Well organised – good signage, friendly and helpful volunteers, starting pens by expected race finish times
  • Great course
  • Secure bag storage
  • No overcrowding – lots of space on the course to run at your own pace
  • Great atmosphere!
  • Fab race bling
  • Great value entry – £19


Diva rating: 5/5



One thought on “Race report: Pride 10k

  1. What a fantastically well-organised run. I’m so doing this ne+t year! My friend Orlando ran it a couple of years ago and it’s time for us to revisit it as participants.

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