New PB: Elusive sub-25-min 5k in my sights…


I mentioned a while ago that I was intent on cracking the 25-minute mark over 5k and, although I haven’t mentioned it much since, this goal has been very much at the forefront of my mind. Today I got one step closer to that and managed 25 mins and 12 seconds. Only 13 seconds left and I’ll have cracked it! What this has shown me today is that I can easily do it – it’s now well within my grasp and my capability.


So what did I do differently this time?

Change of scenery

I always do the same route so today I mixed it up a bit and did the same loop but in reverse. I’ve found that doing the same route for me all the time can be psychologically bad as I know when the inclines are coming and when my least favourite sections are.

Proper warm up

I am terrible at warming up, but I’ve really noticed lately that I absolutely need to get my heart rate high to start running. For me, running on a cold start is a sure fire way for a slow run. This was not entirely intentional though I must confess. I actually went on the treadmill for 2 minutes, remembered that I hated it and then decided to go for an outdoors run instead. By that time I’d got my heart rate up enough to start all out.

Told myself I could do it!

I visualised my disappointment at coming back with another 26 minute 5k and that seemed to be enough to get me through. I lost focus around 2k though, but quickly regained it when I realised it could be a fast run.

I embraced the pain

I normally hold back a bit because I don’t like feeling tired, but if it doesn’t hurt or feel difficult, then you’re not really giving it your all are you? So I decided to man up and embrace the tiredness. It is, after all, only 25 minutes of my life!

Speed work

The other week I attended the Sweaty Speed Sessions this week I popped to my local running club and did some HIIT training. I’ve 1) got my body used to the feeling of running faster and 2) got my legs to move some more!


One thought on “New PB: Elusive sub-25-min 5k in my sights…

  1. Good for you. I had a break through a few years ago during a 4 mile race. I felt like I was going to throw up for almost the entire race. I was running as fast as I could for longer than I wanted to. But I set a new PR. Now I do this for all of my 5K and 10K races and I’ve set some new PRs this year.
    As you say, it is only 25 minutes. And the faster you run the less time you will have to feel uncomfortable! 😉

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