If you haven’t had these things happen to you on a run, you’re not doing it right!

Ah we’ve all had some absolute shockers happen to us whilst at a race or out on a training run. If you haven’t had at least one of these happen to you, then you are not doing it right. Must try harder!

1) Powered by farts


Ever been out on a run and wondered why you got a PB? Was it because you trained harder or was it really because that fart you just did propelled you an extra 100 metres?

2) Pit stop


It’s Sunday morning, you’re out for a run and feeling all smug about yourself and then, oh oh, really need to go back now as nature is calling.

3) Extra protein


We all know the benefits of protein shake post run, but nobody ever talks about protein intake whilst running eh? I can assure you the giant bluebottle fly that I swallowed whilst running the other night wasn’t what I had in mind!

4) Walking the minute you see friends go past

So you’ve just run a 10 miler training for that half marathon you’ve got coming up and you decide to walk to cool down. Then everyone you know and their dog sees you walking and nobody believes that you ever actually run!


5) Bad race pictures

You think you looked really cool, determined, fast, dedicated and all those things. You think you are sprinting like Usain Bolt. In reality, you look like your grandma taking a stroll in the park on a Sunday afternoon, and worst still you look like you are ready to keel over…

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6 thoughts on “If you haven’t had these things happen to you on a run, you’re not doing it right!

  1. I think all of these have happened to me. In April I was in Florida and inhaled a bug. I was a little concerned since they have bigger and nastier bugs than we have in Massachusetts. I wasn’t expecting bugs either since we don’t many that early up north.
    I did manage to choke it down and keep running.

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    request dated 29/11/2013

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