Keeping it real!

Sometimes it’s easy to get despondent when everyone else always bangs on about how easy they find everything, how perfect their life is and how they always get a PB in every race! Real life just isn’t like that. I personally don’t find it very inspiring reading  blogs/articles/posts where everything is perfect and rosy – I want to read about the challenge that was overcome, the blood, sweat and tears that got the person from where they were to where they are today. I want to hear the real trials and tribulations and find out a little something about what makes that person tick.

In reality, sometimes I look like this…

running 3


And other times I look like this…



Sometimes I go for a run and after 1k I turn around and go home. Sometimes I run a 5k in 26 minutes, sometimes I run it in 30 minutes feeling shattered. Sometimes I can’t do it – I simply don’t have the strength. Sometimes I eat a Burger King after running 10k – in fact, I did this after the Nike we own the night 10k, oh and I really like a Belgian beer.

Sometimes I walk up a hill and feel like death at the top of it. Sometimes my heart is beating out of my chest after completing the slightest amount of exercise. Most of the time I suck, but every once in a while I do something that amazes myself.



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