Sprint duathlon training


The time has come folks – I’m taking part in a duathlon! I decided to start with a sprint duathlon first rather than running before I can walk, so to speak, and entering a full-blown triathlon (maybe next year).

The biggest hurdle I have to overcome is cycling. I’ve been doing lots of cycling on the exercise bike for the Zaggora challenge (10+k a day) so I think my legs are up to it, but it’s the cycling on an actual bike that’s going to a challenge. You see, I haven’t ridden a bike properly since about 1992! About 3 years ago I bought a lovely Ridgeback mountain bike and after about an hour of trying to get on the thing and a scary down hill it never saw the light of day, until this week. It’s now in Halfords having a service as I type.

I’m taking part in the Lexus Reading Dinton Duathlon on 17th November to give myself plenty of time to get myself a road bike and get used to this whole riding a bike malarky. I like the look of this event as 1) it’s a sprint duathlon (5k run/20 k bike/5 k run) so a nice introduction to the sport and 2) the bike section is on road and the running section is cross country.

There is the small matter now of:

Purchasing a road bike – I’m checking out ebay for this. Bikes are ideal second hand purchases. See above’s mountain bike story for an example of why. They usually get bought, used once and spend years collecting dust in garages until one day someone finds them and puts them on ebay.


– Purchasing a decent cycle helmet – I’m thinking something like this women’s Crossfire helmet from Decathlon – £24.99.



That should do me for now until I get used to the bike. I’m sure then I’ll need lots of other kit  once I get going – it doesn’t bare thinking about really though!


3 thoughts on “Sprint duathlon training

  1. Police Propert Act sales are also a good way of buying bikes. Look in local papers for advertised sales or, better still, your local police force website for details.

  2. I just did my first duathlon yesterday! It was a sprint distance also, and I LOVED IT. I’m doing my first tri in September, but I loved the duathlon as its own event and race. I will definitely do this same race again next year. I bought my bike used on Craigslist.

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