Sweaty speed sessions


On Wednesday night I went along to the first in a 6-week course of speed sessions run by the lovely Becs and Charlie in collaboration with Sweaty Betty.

I really need to work on my speed as I’ve said on many occasions so I jumped at the chance at popping along to Regent’s Park track to try my hand at sprinting. We started off with a warm up and a few fun sprinting exercises – a high 5 sprint (great as an ice breaker!) and a wiggly worm – essentially every runs in a line and the person at the back sprints to the front.

We then did 4 timed 100m sprints with 2×100 walks and a 100 sprint in between. Weirdly my second attempt was faster than my first!

Here were my times:

1) 17.91
2) 17.32
3) 18.56
4) 18.81


If you are in London, do go along – it’s good fun, the hour flew by, it’s good training if you want to improve your times over 5k and beyond, and importantly it’s completely free!

Sweaty Speed sessions take place every Wednesday at 6.30pm at Regent’s Park running track. More information here.


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