Training your mind and your body


‘Hi my name is Sian and I suffer with anxiety’. My biggest problem in everything I do is a lack of self belief, which is why those words above are so important. The only thing that stops me running faster is my mind – I simply don’t believe I can do it. Sometimes I don’t even believe I can carry out the simplest of tasks let alone run.

I am never satisfied – I always want to be stronger, faster and better (like the Daft Punk song) and always think I am terrible at everything I do. I wish I could see the amazing things I have done, but sometimes I can’t see the woods for the trees.

If, like me, you suffer from anxiety or depression let’s not forget to pat ourselves on the back, give ourselves a break and celebrate our awesomeness!

  • So you didn’t get a PB today, but you might tomorrow. Dust yourself off and try again.
  • So your running sucked today, but remember that marathon/half marathon/10k you did? Yeah that’s right – you nailed it!
  • So you ate a burger yesterday – give yourself a break, you deserve it! One burger is not going to kill you!
  • So you only ran 3k today instead of your planned 10k – you lapped the people on the sofa.



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