5 minutes, 5 (awkward) questions with Pixie Trails


This week’s 5 minutes, 5 (awkward questions) victim is Helen over at Pixie Trails. Helen is a newbie runner – she started running in summer 2012, going from not doing any significant exercise in the previous 10 years, to running or working out 2 to 3 times per week. She’s currently on a quest to find out how many adventures she can squeeze in to her hectic life, whilst working her butt off at the same time. For that, we salute you Helen!

Now here are her answers:

What type of exercise/sport are you not good at?

Ha – well, running, but I am working on it! I wouldn’t describe myself as good at running, but I am faster and stronger than I was a year ago, and love that I can set my own goals, rather than needing to compare myself to other people. I also suck at anything requiring throwing – I was rubbish at rounders at school!

What do you do when you have a bad running day?

I usually just accept it and feel pleased with myself that I went for a run in the first place. Even if it was hard work/slow, going for a run is much better than sitting on the sofa all evening.

What does your partner think about your running?

He’s proud of me! He runs as well, so it is great that this is another thing that we can do together, even if he is a lot faster than me. He’s also seen the positive effect that having fitness goals has had on me (such as increased motivation and energy levels), so it’s definitely a good thing from his perspective.

What’s your guilty diet-/exercise-related pleasure?

Sourdough bread! I’ve done well to cut out many white carbs (such as pasta, potato) but I’m a sucker for artisan bread, especially when toasted and buttered. I try to restrict eating it until after a workout, though.

What’s your usual excuse for avoiding exercising?

It’s usually work-related. My job can have unpredictable working hours and often involves travel and evening work or entertaining, so sometimes it is just not possible to work out, either because I am working, travelling or just very tired! I try and work around this (eg by taking gym kit on the road with me), but sometimes I find that it is just better to focus on my other commitments and accept that, even if it is not ideal, exercise sometimes has to take a back seat.

Thank you Helen. Do go check out her fab blog here.


If you would like to have a go, please do leave a comment on this post or email here: dashingdivasuk@gmail.com.


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