Yoga for non-yogies

I’ve never been very good at yoga. I’ve tried so many classes and always been the numpty at the back of the room doing the wrong thing, or unable to get into the simplest of positions. However, I’ve been keen to try again over the last few weeks to help strengthen and stretch out my ridiculously tight leg muscles. In a last-ditch attempt to learn to love yoga, I hired in the help of the lovely Kristine at Bicester Hatha Yoga. I told her that I needed help sorting my knackered old legs out after the craziness that was trail running in Chamonix.

I’ve had four 1 to 1 sessions and it’s been wonderful – it’s been so lovely in the evenings we’ve even done a bit of al fresco yoga. Although, not sure what the neighbours think to the ‘Ommm, shanti, shanti, shanti’ chanting.

I’ve always liked the idea and the results of yoga – let’s face it most yoga teachers look amazing, but I’ve never really liked the execution of it, thinking that it as too slow and easy. I am eating my words now as by god it’s tough! Kristine largely practises core strength Vinyasa yoga, which has had me grimacing at times (in a good way)! She’s tailored the sessions to focus on my legs too so she has built in a few hamstring, calf, quad and glute strengthening and stretching poses.


My favourite poses are downward facing dog (above), which is great for stretching out tight calf muscles and this plank exercise below (not sure what it’s called, but it’s a killer for the core). I also adore the half pigeon stretch for the glutes too.



I am already seeing the results – just four sessions have massively improved my flexibility in my calves!Β It seems I am a yoga convert!



4 thoughts on “Yoga for non-yogies

  1. I have crazy tight hamstrings and calf muscles, I have never thought of trying yoga to ease it, so thanks for the tip… I shall have to search youtube for some beginner yoga videos!

    • I’m actually going to put together a sequence of easy yoga asanas (poses) specific for runners this week. I’ve not had much luck with yoga DVDs in the past, but let me know if you find a good one. πŸ™‚

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