Sweating like a Diva: The Zaggora challenge


I was sent some Zaggora HotPants last week and I’ve finally got around to trying them out. I’ve heard lots about them and seen them advertised everywhere. I’m always up for giving anything a go, especially a product that claims it targets fat on my hips, bum and thighs – 3 of my problem areas! The theory behind it is essentially the same theory behind running in a bin liner – the fabric traps your body heat and makes you sweat more and burn more calories.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks I’m taking part in the Zaggora 2-week challenge to see if wearing them whilst exercising for 30 minutes every day will help me lose inches in the target areas. I’m a fairly skeptical person, but I’ll try and keep an open mind and let the results speak for themselves! If nothing else, it will make me focus and be less inclined to have a lazy day festering in front of the TV.

Here are my baseline measurements:

Waist: 28 inches

Thighs: 20 inches

Weight: 9 stone 6 lbs (132 lbs; 59 kgs)

I’ve been wearing them on the bike for the last 2 days as it’s been far too hot to wear them running. I like to cycle whilst watching ‘Secret Eaters‘, ‘Supersize vs Superskinny‘ or ‘Embarrassing Fat Bodies‘ – it’s a great motivator and a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine (my secret is out!). They have certainly been having the desired effect – I have been sweating like a biatch!

The material kind of feels similar to a wetsuit, which is a bit of weird, but they do look quite nice on (quite slimming).


At the end of the 2 weeks I’ll be giving away a free pair for one lucky reader to try for themselves so watch this space!


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