Race review: 5 things I hate about the British 10k


I don’t feel I can elaborate on the British 10k more eloquently than my lovely friend Helen over at Pixie Trails, but just to add my 5 reasons why I think the British 10k sucks.

1) Timing – it was an early start, which meant staying in a hotel overnight (expensive and stressful to organise as 1000s of other people no doubt had to do the same). However, we didn’t even get moving until about 10 to 10.15am, despite the official start time being 9.35am.

2) Race pack – my race pack arrived the day before the race and I ended up with a medium t-shirt rather than a small.

3) Too hot – ok so not the race organisers fault, but concrete/tarmac, summer, humidity, city and 1000s of people=giant sweaty mess!

4) Too busy – I wasted so much energy speeding up and and slowing down, weaving in and out and ducking and diving to get past the slow coaches I felt utterly spent!

5) Worst race photo in history – ok so again, not their fault, but gah!

AUTB1047-rt12x17-11095 copy

So if I’m honest I’m not sure zero sleep, 3 glasses of wine and 2 cans of Carlsberg the night before and a 7am start constitute the best race preparation ever. Frankly, I am amazed I didn’t pass out. I don’t think my heart was entirely in it either – running is a funny thing. You win some, you lose some and I was definitely losing with a personal worst (certainly in the last 2 years) of 1.04.58.

So what were the positives? I did some exercise when I could have been drinking beer by the beach. I had the company of my friend Helen who I haven’t seen for years, and the medal was pretty cool.

Diva rating: 2/5

rating 2 of 5

Not for pros, people on a budget (£50 entry daylight robbery for a 10k) and not one for PBs due to weather conditions.

4 thoughts on “Race review: 5 things I hate about the British 10k

  1. That is an expensive race. We all have races like that sometimes. The WTF am I doing at this starting line? But you ran off those beers and have a cool medal to show for it.

  2. You can pretty much tell what sort of race you are entering from reading the website BEFORE you enter. I agree £50 is a rip-off (so why did you enter?). Plus, if there are going to be thousands and thousands of entrants, its going to be one of those annoying, mass participation events with plenty of hanging around and lots of weaving through crowds. Sorry luv, but you didn’t have to enter this one. 🙂 If you want a cheap, flat and accurate 10K, there is a monthly one in Regent’s Park for about £12-£15 (of the top of my head).

    • I actually entered 1) because it was my first ever 10k a few years back and I had this whimsical recollection that it was a wonderful experience [it probably was then to be fair!] and 2) my friend was doing it. I only wanted to share to help other serious runners avoid the atrocity/mistake! 🙂

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