Race review: South Coast 10k


Today I ran in the South Coast 10k. I did the race a couple of years ago when I was much less fit – I didn’t complete the race and gave up after 5k so this year I felt I had something to prove!

It’s quite a convenient race for me as my parents live in Seaford so getting there is easy for me and I get to spend the weekend with the parental unit.

We arrived at registration and I picked up my number (I later found out I actually got allocated the incorrect number, but that’s another story!).


The course is a ‘there and back’ route along the seafront – 1 lap for the 5k, 2 laps for 10k and 4 slightly longer laps for the half marathon. I opted for the 10k as it’s a good distance – long enough to be considered endurance and short enough to get done in under an hour and have the rest of the day to yourself.


I have to say the route is not the most inspiring, as you have to run most of it on the concrete esplanade. It’s also very exposed and it was blisteringly hot this morning (easily mid 20s Celsius and humid!). Nevertheless, it is very flat and when not ridiculously hot, it’s a great PB course!


I have been injured, but not to the extent where I can’t run, I’ve just been resting, stretching and doing yoga. I decided to try and do this race to see how I felt and if I felt bad, I’d pull out. I started out well today surprisingly – hitting 5 min 20 secs/km at the outset, but I really started struggling with the heat at about 5km and had to pull back to 6 min/km and at that point a few people started overtaking me, which was quite disheartening. I am not good at all with heat and it was almost unbearable for me. I knew at that point I wasn’t going to get a good time, but I just wanted to finish and finish strong. I managed to pick up the pace again for the last km though and ensure that I finished well under the hour. When I crossed the finish line I saw Rich and my dad, who both said I’d finished in the top 10, which I was really surprised about as 58 min was hardly fast, but I guess everyone had struggled too! Having checked the results and establishing I had been allocated the wrong number (I’m not 49 and from Manchester) I realised I’d actually done rather well – coming in 11th out of 42! 🙂 Result!


I would recommend the race – it’s a good summer day out, flat course and the medal is one of the best I’ve had (solid and it’s massive).

Diva rating: 4/5

rating 4 of 5


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