Alpine trail running day 5: The final day – what a week!


Yesterday I was strapped up like a mummy, but I still had knee pain in the morning so I had some rest this morning and let my knee settle down and went for an 11.5k run this afternoon instead.

This week has been fantastic and extremely challenging, probably more so than the climbing trips I’ve been on, but for different reasons. Bigs thanks go to Sarah and Kingsley for organising the trip and putting up with me trailing behind. 🙂 Also, thanks to Mike from Magic Hands physio for patching me up at the end of each day.

Here are the things I will take away with me:

1) I suck on hills. I thought I was good, but I really need to work on this.

2) I have an imbalance in the strength and flexibility of my legs and need to work on improving my left leg to match my right.

3) Running in the heat is tough.

4) Running at altitude is tough.

5) Trail running is much more fun, challenging and interesting than road running.

6) It’s OK to run for fun, stop and admire the view and have a break. Nobody is going to chastise you for this.

7) Running isn’t always about PBs – sometimes it’s about getting out in the fresh air and enjoying yourself.

8) It’s OK to run without your Garmin every once in a while.

9) I need more trail running in my life!

Total weekly mileage: 51 miles

If you fancy a trip like this, Icicle run trail running camps from June to September in Chamonix for £599 (excluding flights and transfers). Flying from Luton to Geneva costs around £100 return all year round with EasyJet and Cham-van offer a great transfer service for approx 55 euros return.


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