Alpine trail running day 4: The one with the taping


So this morning I woke up and immediately thought ‘I can’t do this’ so I emailed in to quit, but a little voice in my head told me to man up and get my sh*t together. My knee has been giving me grief due to muscle fatigue causing me to roll my knee in and it’s taken a bit of a beating with the 44 challenging miles I have covered this week. Still, I’ve had it checked out and I’m all taped up and good to go for another day with no lasting damage. I just have some homework to do that involves focussing entirely on working and bulking up my left leg and doing a lot of stretching in my left leg to get the range of movement at least to the level of my right leg.

Today we ran the other part of the Mont Blanc marathon route from the finish to Argentiere. Fortunately, the weather broke so it was nice and cool (around 22 degrees) and raining, making for much easier running conditions. The route was mostly undulating, with a lot of down hill.

Total distance covered: 15km


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