Oxford Parkrun


I’ve been to 3 different Parkruns – Brighton (Hove Park actually), Crawley and now Oxford. Since moving to Oxfordshire last November, I’ve been threatening to haul my lazy arse out of bed on a Saturday morning to visit the Oxford Parkrun, and I finally made it last weekend. It’s based just outside of Oxford in Summertown so it’s the easy to get to side of the city for me. I got there really early and found the park, but there was no signage for the run. Unlike the really polished organisation at the Brighton Parkrun, this was a little hap hazard. People only really started turning up until 5 minutes before the race and everyone I spoke to seemed to be a newbie!

It was a 2 lap course run on grass, which was lovely as the other Park Runs I’d done previously had been on foot paths. It was nice to have a mini trail run! Also, a section of the course was through a wooded area. I ended up running the course in 26.20, which I was thrilled with considering I didn’t know the course at all.


As soon as my Saturdays start to clear (not got a free one for weeks now!) I shall definitely try and make it a regular fixture!


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