Don’t judge me!


So I was talking to someone the other week and some flippant comment they made really annoyed me – they said 55 minutes was really slow for a 10k and they could easily do it in 40 minutes (the comments weren’t directed at me, but they hit a nerve). It got me thinking, why do some people feel the need to judge others’ achievements? One man’s idea of running may be another man’s idea of jogging (see fab article above), but I salute anyone who takes the leap from the sofa to the road or treadmill.

I know what my limitations are – I am never going to be athlete or club level fast and I am resigned to that, but if I feel out of puff at the end of a race or training session then I know what I have done is the best that I can do at the time.


It’s the struggle that counts, not the end the result. This is me in September 2011 (above). What was supposed to be an adventure at the time – climbing Kilimanjaro – ended up changing my life forever. I realised that I had to change. I needed to sort my sh*t out and get myself fit and healthy before I ended up with diabetes and health problems at the grand old age of 31!


By December 2011, I had lost nearly 2 stone (see above) through sheer determination and a desire to change. And this is me now (below).


I am comfortable in my own skin and I am proud of my achievements. I won’t win any 10k races, that I do know, but what I will hopefully win is respect for trying.


8 thoughts on “Don’t judge me!

  1. There’s always someone ready to criticise to make themselves be better. Be extremely proud of all you have achieved. Ignore any negative comments because the people making them aren’t worth your time x

  2. Well said Sian. People can keep their opinions and judgements on others’ abilities (or anything else be it looks, intellect or whatever) to themselves!

  3. That person was wrong to criticise the person for trying and even if it took all day to complete those miles, as you say, it’s the fact they got off their arse and did it. Any effort that anyone puts into anything in this world deserves praise. It’s all too easy to stand and criticise, but those who do often don’t have the self worth to attempt and achieve as much as those they are criticising. If only everyone could be as positive and inspirational as you have been, the world would be a jolly friendly place!! #totesamazballs!! πŸ˜‰

  4. You shouldn’t let anything like this affect you, you’ll always find people that are better or faster than you, and so would this person. Your strength is that you always give 100%, it is not easy, I am the worst at finding excuses for myself and I really admire you for your dedication. If you had started running in your teens, 40mn would probably be an easy achievement, but you didn’t and you chose to change your lifestyle, you are an inspiration and that is a lot better than what this person can claim to be. And let’s face it these days, you look good enough to pose in a sports fashion magazine, you go girl!

  5. This post really hit a spot with me – I remember once I went out for a after work run with one of my colleagues and when we got back to the office he said ‘So are we going to start running now?’ and I felt so miffed that I never ran with him again..I was feeling really down about my running times of recent yesterday afternoon and then I thought ‘sod it’ and as a result I’ve decided to no longer care because at least I’m out there doing it!

  6. Sian

    Couldn’t have put it better myself! Of course, couldn’t have done it myself, but nevermind! Hats off and all that …

    X Mum

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