Team Dashing Divas at Pride 10k: Want to join in?

This year I am really keen to get my 10k times right down to as close to 50 minutes as possible, which means choosing a really flat good course. After last week’s Nike 10k in Victoria Park I realised that would be a good location to do that, but I felt like a proper billy no mates there, especially as the village was off limits to supporters. So here comes the fun part – I thought it would be fab to hook up with fellow bloggers, readers and tweeters who’d also like to take part too by getting together team Dashing Divas to run in the Pride 10k on 17th August. You can go as fast or as slow as you want, the point is really just to have people to meet up with before and after. I’ll get some t-shirts made and everything!

dashing divas t shirt

If you want to meet up, but don’t want a t-shirt or want to set up your own team that’s fine too! 🙂 The more the merrier!

You can sign up for the run here [NB: don’t put in the Dashing Divas team name in the registration as then they might not give individual times then] and get in touch with me at about your t-shirt size. I’ll send out details on where to meet beforehand.


4 thoughts on “Team Dashing Divas at Pride 10k: Want to join in?

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