We owned the night!


So yesterday I took part in Nike and Elle‘s We Own The Night women’s 10k in Victoria Park, London. I arrived mega early just as the gates opened to the ‘village’, which was filled with delicious eateries, a stage with a DJ pumping out some motivational tunes and some bean bags to chill on ahead of the race. At 7.30, the warm up kicked off and then we had to stand at the start line ready for the off. Unfortunately, that’s where it all went wrong and my chances of getting a sub 55 minute 10k ended as I’d got myself way back in the pack by the 70 minute pacer and my 1st k got off to hideously slow 8 min/k start (oops). I clawed it back though overtaking half the pack to finish in 55.24, which isn’t too shabby under the circumstances.


As with all of these big event type races though, they are great fun, and the atmosphere was wonderful, but they are not for PB hunters like me unfortunately. Still, I’ve never finished a race with a glass of champers so can’t complain!


Things I’ll do for next time:

  • Gather together team Dashing Divas!
  • Get right at the front!
  • Not expect a PB



Diva rating: 3/5

rating 3 of 5


13 thoughts on “We owned the night!

  1. I wish I had gotten there a lot earlier to really explore the village before it started to get super busy. I think a lot of other faster runners got frustrated too with all the congestion with the orange bands so definitely go for blue next time, no matter what the helpers say 😉 !

    • I know! Not that I would have worn blue but I was told that it was for ‘pros’ – some girls refuted it and got a blue band which made it so much easier as then they didn’t have to dodge anyone… If there is a next time I think I’d try to get to the front of the orange lot at least before the start (harder said than done 😉 )

  2. it seems you had more runners there than we did in Amsterdam last night! but it was good fun a nice course anyway. I was unimpressed with the “village” and unfortunately the bar and everything shut down once we got started so my husband and my friend’s boyfriend (we ran together) couldn’t even get a drink or something to eat while waiting 😦

    My Garmin also told me the race course was 9.83 – our course ended abruptly at that moment we entered the “gasfabriek” and had to walk the catwalk to get our “medal” … nice idea but because of this quick stop after a sprint to the finish my muscles are pretty sore today!

    Still – you made great time and next time I’m sure you’ll be right up front!

    • That’s not good at all! 😦 Was yours a mixed event? I like the idea, but you’re right – stopping suddenly is not good. Ours was too long by 0.07. Next time i am waiting at the start before anyone else gets there. x

      • no it wasn’t mixed. that probably sounded funny – I ran with a friend and her boyfriend and my husband were waiting for us so we could drink beer afterwards.

        If I do it again, I definitely will check how the finish is, maybe even run the course beforehand! oh and I hope they come up with real medals too – did you also get the little bracelet??

  3. That’s not even close to shabby! It’s a excellent time and your in the top 1,000!!!! (when there is over 3k people that’s pretty darn fab!) Plus you completed the run looking nice, how do you do that? I look like I’ve been dragged through about 6 hedges at the end of a run! 🙂 x

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