Speed work week 1: The one in Greece


So last week – my first week of speed training – weirdly happened whilst on my holiday in Crete. I was staying in my parents’ holiday home there so it was literally a chance to get away from the stresses and strains of ordinary life, chill, eat fresh food, read some books and relax. I decided to add some trail running into the mix as the house is in the middle of an olive grove on the top of the hill with lots of dirt tracks around – perfect for running on. I also mixed it up a bit with some upper body work (press ups), core – planks and sit ups, and general cardio (mountain climbers).


I didn’t run any great distance, but what I did do was a lot of hill sprints with a few 3k runs. It was also great food wise as I was able to cook all our food using the lovely fresh vegetables and fabulous fruit (apples and fresh lemons were divine!).


I did manage to run 4k one of the days, 2k of which I ran at sub 4-min/k, which I’m really pleased about.


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