Bored with the usual humdrum races? Check these novelty races

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get bored with the usual bog standard road races so I’ve been looking for some more unusual ones that I might just add to my race schedule. Running should be fun after all.

Zombie Evacuation Race 


The Zombie Evacuation Race is a 5km interactive obstacle course in which Evacuee’s run for their lives while Zombies try to infect them.

Evacuee’s are given a belt that contains 3 LifeTags which must be worn fully visible. The aim of the Evacuee is to navigate the 5km course and get to the finish line with at least one of their LifeTags left on their belt.

On their way around the course they will be challenged by differing terrain, different route choices and a variety of themed obstacles intended to plunge them into the experiences of their favourite Zombie TV Shows and Movies and slow down their progress and make them easy meat for their living dead pursuers.

If they get to the Evacuation Point with one of their LifeTags intact then they’ll be classified and rewarded as a SURVIVOR. If they lose their LifeTags, then they’ll be written off as infected.

I think this race sounds like a lot of fun. You can also register for free as a zombie, which I a really tempted to do!

If you hurry up and enter soon, it costs a mere £30.

One True Grit


One True Grit is  a running, mud and obstacle event designed and managed by British Armed Forces. It comprises a hardcore 10k run across raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes and thick mud. Over the race, there are a series of seriously tough obstacles – both man-made and natural – designed to test your mental and physical strength, skill and stamina. You’ll run, climb, jump, wade, crawl and swim through a course designed to challenge you on every level.

There are a lot of obstacle type races about at the moment, but I like the look of this one and it wont bankrupt you like some of the others to enter.

Early gritter entry costs £45.

JCB Mud Run


If you don’t have OCD, then this race looks like a lot of fun! The course will take you up in the woods, down into muddy streams, wriggling in and out of mud baths, scrambling up hills, running down dale and across fields.

Entry is £45.

The Great Gorilla Run


Perhaps you’d like to do a fancy dress run, but feel thoroughly uninspired by the usual Santa runs – how about dressing as a Gorilla then?

On Saturday 21st September 2013 hundreds of people dressed as gorillas will run, jog or walk 7km though the City of London in the 10th annual Great Gorilla Run to help save a species on the edge of extinction.

It is a bit pricey at £80, but it’s for charity innit?!


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