Sports bras for running: A review

So over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying out different sports bras on my runs. Having lost the weight last year and the year before, I’ve had to change all my sports bras. I still need a lot of support, especially for running – a crop top isn’t going to cut it!

The first bra I’ve been trying out is the Active Underwired sports bra by Freya from The Dublin Lingerie Company. If, like me, you have a big cup size or large back measurement, then I find the underwired bras provide the best support without restricting breathing. This sports bra from Freya is really comfortable to wear whilst providing high impact support. It is lined with ‘Coolmax’ fabric that removes moisture and feels soft against the skin. The design incorporates mesh panels for cool comfort, an inner sling which extends to the shoulder strap to enhance support and reduce bounce. The straps are also padded so they don’t rub on longer runs. The bra is available in nude (shown above), black and white. My rating = 9/10.

The next bra I’ve been testing is the Ultimate Run bra by Shock Absorber. I love the look of this bra and criss cross back looks great underneath my running vests. It certainly does provide maximum support whilst running. Unlike other bras I’ve tried in this style, it also opens at the back making it much easier to get on and off. The bra is made from a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric, sports performance fabrics so it draws the sweat away from your skin. My only slight negative is that I find the back strap quite tight around my rib cage, but it doesn’t seem to impact on my breathing too much. My rating = 8.5/10.

Which sports bras have you tried out? Any that you’d recommend?


2 thoughts on “Sports bras for running: A review

  1. I find the Panache sports bras really good and supportive (bought mine from Quite a big bra but really comfy and they don’t move at all, plus they come in large cup sizes, yay!

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