My 16-min Tabata Training


It’s been so cold at the moment I’ve really struggled to get out running this week, but I’m not going to beat myself up too much as I have been out twice and I’m planning a long run tomorrow.

I’ve got a little bit bored with my existing workout DVDs so I’ve ordered a few new ones, including Davina’s latest one ‘Davina Intense‘. I’ll let you know how I get on next week.

In the mean time, here is a little exercise tabata that I’ve started this week to tide me over. It’s 1 minute of each exercise repeated once and then finished with a 1-minute stretch. All you need is a kettle bell, a mat and some enthusiasm! 🙂 You can also download this really useful Tabata Training app here.


P.s. For jump rope, I just jump on the spot!

If Apple made water bottles…

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 19.53.18

I saw one of these Bobble bottles at work and had to get in on the action.

Bobble is a stylish, reusable bottle that filters water as you drink, using an ingenious replaceable carbon filter. When water passes through the filter, the carbon removes chlorine and organic contaminants.

I love the simplicity of the design – I’m a total sucker for ‘Apple’ design (simple and stylish) and I need to drink more water (one of my goals). If you want to get in on the coolness you can buy them here on Amazon.


And the winner of ‘Get Fit, Feel Epic’ is…


…Helen and her inspirational mission to get fit!

It was an extremely difficult decision as you all wrote such wonderfully inspiring stories. Thanks so much to everyone who entered the competition and thank you to for the great competition and fab prize! xx

A FitBit and Smart Scales will be winging there way to you shortly!

Stay cool people.

Divas’ love: New Balance


When it comes to running shoes, I’ve always been a bit set in my ways. I’ve always gone for Nike. I suppose it’s because I’ve had Nike trainers for years and I’ve got used to them, often shunning other makes for no reason other than my reluctance to change.

So when New Balance sent me a pair of their new 870v2 running shoes, I was secretly really looking forward to trying out a different make.

The 870v2 is an ultra-lightweight shoe built for speed, which also provides light support for those who experience mild over-pronation.

Before I even opened the box, the first thing that struck me was how amazingly lightweight the shoes were (lift with your little finger light!). I love lightweight shoes as 1) who wants to carry around any more excess weight than they have to and 2) I often suffer from foot pain with the more sizeable shoes.

The shoe’s lightweight properties are achieved thanks to its REVlite foam midsole, which weighs in at up to 30% less than equivalent EVA foams, for a lightweight ride which doesn’t sacrifice any underfoot support and durability.

I tried them on straight out of the box and thought ‘O oh, too tight’. After adjusting the laces though (I have a very high arch so have to wear my trainers very loose) they felt really comfortable and a good fit. Phew, what a relief!

I’m not a huge pink fan, but luckily they are the shade of pink that I do like (neon) and I did look properly coordinated in my black and pink Nike leggings and Primark running top. They also come in an eyecatching blue and yellow colourway for men.


On the run, they felt really light on my feet and they provided me with just the level of support I needed to stop me over-pronating. I didn’t have any of the foot pain that I often suffer from in my current pair of trainers so I’m happy to say that these will now become my regular running shoes.

I completed my usual 5k circuit in 27 min 19 seconds, which I’m really happy with, particularly as I’m nowhere near up to my previous running fitness.


Diva rating: 5/5



So next time you reach for your trusty shoe, how about trying something new? You might just like it!